Purrrlesque Presents: Legislate This!

13 Apr


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What is Legislate This! Burlesque?

Legislate This! is a burlesque show fundraising event benefiting Planned Parenthood. Legislate This! was started in April of 2012 by Ginger Snaps of Austin, TX as a reaction to the ever growing frustration of living in a state governed by Dick Perry.

Legislate This! had it’s inaugural show in Austin, Texas in April of 2012. This production is an annual event which brings together the burlesque community to show their support for Planned Parenthood. All proceeds from Legislate This! are donated directly to that show’s local PP chapter.

This year Legislate This! will be held in Austin on May 11th at the North Door. We are hoping to bring out national support and would love to see different Legislate This! burlesque productions go up that same weekend (May 9th through the 12th) across the country to show our legislators that women (and men) across the country will stand up for their rights, their health, and the respect they deserve.


Purrrlesque! Presents:

Legislate THIS!


Winston Salem, NC

A national burlesque movement benefiting Planned Parenthood.

The Triad’s Best burlesque performers coming together in one great performance because having a CHOICE is sexy!
ONLY ~ $7

Murder Ann at 7:30 to get you in the mood

Show at 8pm

~Glueasy and Miss Eaves go on after our show ($5)~

www.purrrlesque.com for more info!


How to be a Pin Up Model

11 Apr


We came across a blog post at PinCurl.com that answers the question “How do I become a Pin Up Model.” If you follow our PinUpBootCamp Facebook page then you already know we believe anyone can become a Pin Up, or at least live like one. However, the modeling business is a whole other business indeed.

The PinCurl article gave some great insight on how to dig into the Pin Up modeling industry that we agree with and want to share with you.

Get The Look!

The first thing they go into is to learn Pin Up style hair & makeup, and to get some pin up clothes. This might go without saying, but don’t feel that you have to purchase clothes from a specific store to be a Pin Up. We absolutely agree that once you get the look you should capture it with the help of s good photographer.

Be A Pro!

The next bit they go into is professionalism. Absolutely! Even if you look the part, how can you expect to be seem as a professional by potential clients if you don’t act like a professional. The keys points to stress here is the first impression you give off. A portfolio, for most of us, is our first impression; so make sure your photos are high quality images that features relevant images of you. Being on time and prepared will help build a reputation of professionalism – this world is a small one, so being known as someone who isn’t a flake will only help your career.

Get Out There!

The last part they go into is really all about networking – getting out there. We can’t agree enough! Once you’ve got the look and have captured the look, it’s your responsibility to get it (& yourself) out there for the world to see. Joining portfolio sites is a great way to meet new friends, find photographers, and search for gigs. Look for local opportunities; such as burlesque shows, car shows, local festivals, and ask them if you can get involved as a model. We also suggest to look for other types of modeling gigs you can do as a Pin Up, like promo modeling or live mannequin modeling.

You glow, girl!

Student Spotlight!

8 Apr

Pin Up Boot Camp‘s own Team Member Anastasia Foxx shows us what a pretty and confident Pin Up she is in her new photo shoot with photographer Seven Wallace!

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PUBC Week 1 Journey: Jennifer M

29 Mar


We gave our Pin Up Boot Camp Team members an optional video challenge for this week that we called “Journey”. Basically we asked each lady to share her experience through the 1st week of Pin Up Boot Camp, and to share their favorite Pin Up Principle that has helped them along the way. Jennifer M shared her Journey through Week 1 with us, to share with you!

PUBC Week 1 Truth 2: Anastasia Foxx

21 Mar


Anastasia Foxx, one of our Pin Up Boot Camp Team members, shared this video talking about who she thinks she is. We love this Truth and we love seeing and hearing all the different answers to this question from all the different Team members. Knowing who you are takes guts, patience, and a lot of self-acceptance. Anastasia talks about being true to herself; whether she’s going to be a tattooed grandma or not she’s still going to be fabulous. She also talks about our little Pin Up community, how we are here for each other. We love that!


PUBC Week #1 Truth #2: Mountain Pyre

12 Mar

Our Team Member Mountain Pyre made this video to share with us. This first week dives a bit into our inner self and these truths are made to make you think about yourself. We love her honesty here!! We love how she was unapologetic about having to carve out time to make this video even though she is very busy. We love how she’s so dedicated to her personal journey that is is making it a priority in her life. You glow girl!!


Pin Up Boot Camp Week#1 Dare 1 Laura

9 Mar


This video is by Laura, AKA Full Figured Flirty Girl and a Pin Up Boot Camp Team Member. In this video Laura shares her experiences through the very first dare challenge of Pin Up Boot Camp. We think she’s starting off with a bang!! Keep it up Pin Up!!

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