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Own The Pin Up Boot Camp Book!!

26 Feb

pubcB1_disc pubcJ disc

They’re here!! They are finally here!! Our long awaited book set is now ready for you to go out and get. Actually, you don’t even have to go out, you can order this amazing set in your pajamas. Plus, for a limited time, we are offering a Special 10% Discount on both books!! We’re just nice like that 😉

But seriously. This is the official Guidebook and Journal for our celebrated Pin Up Boot Camp. We (Jenn Martin and Nikki Nefarious) have presented our boot camp from both coasts and now you can own a copy of the book, along with the guided journal. Both are based off these amazing workshops and are packed with insights and lots of fun.

Pin Up Boot Camp: Your 6-Week Guide to Living the Shiny Side of Life” is a self guided self help course that you can do at your own pace. Even if you never wish to pose for a Pin Up photo or perform in a Burlesque show this guide will help you live up to your fullest potential, organize your life, create your own opportunities, take control of your career, and expand your horizons beyond limitations. Each chapter is designed to be completed in one week, if possible, along with daily journaling and weekly challenges. Challenges, such as “Wear Your Words” and “Be a DIY DIVA,” await you within these pages. Tried and true tips, like “Gloss It, Don’t Toss It” and “Work Your Social Network,” will help guide you down the path to your Pin Up potential. Each chapter is focused on a specific theme, some of which are “Your Pin Up Arsenal,” “The Whole Shebang,” and a special bonus chapter for Pin Up models and Burlesque performers called “Work It Girl.” All you need is this book, a journal, and your shiny self.

Have a peek inside Pin Up Boot Camp: Your 6-Week Guide to Living the Shiny Side of Life
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The Official “Pin Up Boot Camp: Journal” was lovingly created to accompany the Pin Up Boot Camp book. Inside this journal you will find invitations to wreck certain pages, paste photos of your creations, and chronicle your journey. So much more than that, this is a journal and a scrapbook all in one.  “Pin Up Pages” and “Truth and Dare Time!” challenges are featured in the first section of this journal so that you can follow along each week as you read through the “Pin Up Boot Camp: Your Six Week Guide to Living the Shiny Side of Life.” The second half of this journal is lined pages, ripe for the filling and interspersed with quotes to help keep you moving forward with confidence and shine. As you fill these pages you will learn more about yourself to uncover a life designed by you. Don’t be surprised if you become inspired, or become an inspiration for others. It happens. Trust us.

Have a peek inside Pin Up Boot Camp: Journal
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Order your copy today to take full advantage of our special discount and get your Pin Up Boot Camp Set.


Jenn Martin’s shoot with Anthony D. Thomas Photography

9 Mar

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Happy International Women’s Day!

8 Mar


Featured Burlesque

17 Nov

We are pleased to announce that our performance tribute to Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager has been featured on several websites of note.

New Music Entertainment gave us a full feature. Digplanet embedded our video to share with others. And World News featured our video in their full article about Bunny Yeager.

Here is the full clip of the performance everyone is talking about:


Jenn’s First Strip Tease

17 Nov

This blast from the past is actually Jenn Martin’s very first step into Burlesque! Now she travels all over performing her art, and the rest is history.

Here are the words from her own mouth: “My first attempt at burlesque. Basically the point of this video was to get me comfortable with the idea. Nikki and I shot this with no music and no choreography. I just kinda made it all up as I went and Nikki found a great song that fit perfectly with it.”

Exciting News!

17 Nov

Jenn Martin and Nikki Nefarious are working on a project to bring the Pin Up Boot Camp to more ladies, like you!

That’s right! Keep your eyes out for the book version of our class. In the meantime, we are busy with our individual performances and duties but we look forward to this awesome project.

Bettie Page & Bunny Yeager Tribute Burlesque

1 Sep

Starring Jenn Martin as Bettie Page and Nikki Nefarious as Bunny Yeager, this Burlesque spectacle is a tribute to the Queen of Pin Up and her favorite redheaded photographer, Bunny Yeager.

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