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Own The Pin Up Boot Camp Book!!

26 Feb

pubcB1_disc pubcJ disc

They’re here!! They are finally here!! Our long awaited book set is now ready for you to go out and get. Actually, you don’t even have to go out, you can order this amazing set in your pajamas. Plus, for a limited time, we are offering a Special 10% Discount on both books!! We’re just nice like that ūüėČ

But seriously. This is the official Guidebook and Journal for our celebrated Pin Up Boot Camp. We (Jenn Martin and Nikki Nefarious) have presented our boot camp from both coasts and now you can own a copy of the book, along with the guided journal. Both are based off these amazing workshops and are packed with insights and lots of fun.

Pin Up Boot Camp: Your 6-Week Guide to Living the Shiny Side of Life” is a self guided self help course that you can do at your own pace. Even if you never wish to pose for a Pin Up photo or perform in a Burlesque show this guide will help you live up to your fullest potential, organize your life, create your own opportunities, take control of your career, and expand your horizons beyond limitations. Each chapter is designed to be completed in one week, if possible, along with daily journaling and weekly challenges. Challenges, such as “Wear Your Words” and “Be a DIY DIVA,” await you within these pages. Tried and true tips, like “Gloss It, Don’t Toss It” and “Work Your Social Network,” will help guide you down the path to your Pin Up potential. Each chapter is focused on a specific theme, some of which are “Your Pin Up Arsenal,” “The Whole Shebang,” and a special bonus chapter for Pin Up models and Burlesque performers called “Work It Girl.” All you need is this book, a journal, and your shiny self.

Have a peek inside Pin Up Boot Camp: Your 6-Week Guide to Living the Shiny Side of Life
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The Official “Pin Up Boot Camp: Journal” was lovingly created to accompany the Pin Up Boot Camp book. Inside this journal you will find invitations to wreck certain pages, paste photos of your creations, and chronicle your journey. So much more than that, this is a journal and a scrapbook all in one.¬† “Pin Up Pages” and “Truth and Dare Time!” challenges are featured in the first section of this journal so that you can follow along each week as you read through the “Pin Up Boot Camp: Your Six Week Guide to Living the Shiny Side of Life.” The second half of this journal is lined pages, ripe for the filling and interspersed with quotes to help keep you moving forward with confidence and shine. As you fill these pages you will learn more about yourself to uncover a life designed by you. Don’t be surprised if you become inspired, or become an inspiration for others. It happens. Trust us.

Have a peek inside Pin Up Boot Camp: Journal
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Order your copy today to take full advantage of our special discount and get your Pin Up Boot Camp Set.


Closet Organization Idea Round-up

7 May

closet organize idea 5

Closet organization is as much about wardrobe storage as it about protecting your clothing investment, your clothes will last longer if they are well-kept. A well organized closet also helps you save time from searching for pieces and, if they are stored correctly, you will also save time on ironing wrinkled blouses or pants. One of the biggest organization overload issues for many of us are our Clothes, and Shoes, and Accessories, oh my!! Never fear! We have compiled some of our favorite organization tips and wardrobe ideas for you so that you can have a closet fit for a Pin Up.

closet organize idea

To begin, we should all redefine our meaning of “closet space.” For most of us, closet space is limited to the built-in¬†crevices that come in our homes. However, we can create unlimited closet options once we look at our home with different eyes. For example, instead of hanging a large painting to fill a ‘focus wall’ in a living room, you can hang industrial shelving and put your wardrobe on display as an art piece. Both of the photos above are perfect examples of how your wardrobe can be gorgeously displayed, whether it is in a living room or a home office.

closet organize

Most built-in closet crevices typically only come with a single rod stretched across the top. However, thanks to DIY closet kits, we can add a lot more customization to our closets. Depending on your needs you can spend less than $40 for a complete closet kit that provides shelving and multi-level hanging rods so that you can really maximize your space and keep your clothes organized. This is the most common way to make the most of your built-in closet space and it is really easy to install with the help of a power drill (and any Pin Up worth her salt owns one and knows how to use it). The image above shows how you can create 3 different spaces for hanging-clothes plus drawers and shelves for folded-clothes, sweaters, and shoes.

closet organize idea 2

If your home or apartment doesn’t include (enough) built-in closet crevices, then it is up to you to use your open spaces creatively. Open-space closets are becoming more popular as women take control of the situation and redefine their space. The image above is a great example! Instead of placing your bed right up against the wall, move it into the middle of the room and use that wide-open wall as a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe space. You can always store your laundry baskets behind your headboard to keep dirty clothes of sight, and you can even hang a wall to wall curtain to hide your wardrobe as well.

closet organize idea 1If you don’t have a wall-to-wall space you can buy some cheap wire racks from the hardware store and then cover the whole thing with coordinating fabric to match your room. The wire racks are typically found in the garage storage section in hardware stores and they are very durable, meant to store heavy machines and gear, so they are perfect for hanging clothes and storing shoes. This idea is also a great¬†supplement¬†to built-in closets, just in case you need a bit of extra wardrobe storage. I love this as an idea for storing your Pin Up or Burlesque costumes as well, that way you can keep them separate from your “every day” wardrobe. For less than $50 you can buy a Double Rod Closet¬†to get you started. The plus side to this is, since everything is covered up, you can put this in any room and hide your wardrobe in plain sight while adding a bit of color and fun depending on the fabric you use to cover it all.

closet organize idea 3Another overlooked option for wardrobe storage is and empty wall in a bathroom or hallway. These are great spots for open-air closets, especially the bathroom as that is where most of us get dressed anyway. However, we do not recommend using a bathroom environment for storing things like fur, silks, or feathered hairpieces or boas, as the humidity may affect the material. Even a narrow wall can provide a floor-to-ceiling option for organizing your clothes, shoes, hats, and bags. All you need is a couple of these Shelves with Hanging Rods (less than $15 a pop) and maybe a Closet Doubler (around $10) if you need extra space for hanging clothes.

We hope these ideas inspire you to get organized, creatively, without spending a lot of money! What are your favorite closet organization tips? We would love to hear from you! Share your tips in the comments section, or post them at

Student Spotlight Amy Spease!!!

23 Apr

PhotogShine on lady!!!raphy by Brian Leon 69277_10151801303513084_1590226680_n 321533_10151860186363084_146613969_n 549969_10151801303028084_1604461031_n 552011_10151801302873084_263137973_n 552079_10151801302043084_331376437_n 601475_10151801302693084_1183749164_n 602960_10151801303253084_1698699516_n 934068_10151860182713084_884090171_n 935201_10151860654783084_930762823_n

How to be a Pin Up Model

11 Apr


We came across a blog post at that answers the question “How do I become a Pin Up Model.” If you follow our PinUpBootCamp Facebook page then you already know we believe anyone can become a Pin Up, or at least live like one. However, the modeling business is a whole other business indeed.

The PinCurl article gave some great insight on how to dig into the Pin Up modeling industry that we agree with and want to share with you.

Get The Look!

The first thing they go into is to learn Pin Up style hair & makeup, and to get some pin up clothes. This might go without saying, but don’t feel that you have to purchase clothes from a specific store to be a Pin Up. We absolutely agree that once you get the look you should capture it with the help of s good photographer.

Be A Pro!

The next bit they go into is professionalism. Absolutely! Even if you look the part, how can you expect to be seem as a professional by potential clients if you don’t act like a professional. The keys points to stress here is the first impression you give off. A portfolio, for most of us, is our first impression; so make sure your photos are high quality images that features relevant images of you. Being on time and prepared will help build a reputation of professionalism – this world is a small one, so being known as someone who isn’t a flake will only help your career.

Get Out There!

The last part they go into is really all about networking – getting out there. We can’t agree enough! Once you’ve got the look and have captured the look, it’s your responsibility to get it (& yourself) out there for the world to see. Joining portfolio sites is a great way to meet new friends, find photographers, and search for gigs. Look for local opportunities; such as burlesque shows, car shows, local festivals, and ask them if you can get involved as a model. We also suggest to look for other types of modeling gigs you can do as a Pin Up, like promo modeling or live mannequin modeling.

You glow, girl!

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